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    I was trying to get my calendar from google into a page, but didn’t succeeded. So I heve searching around and I found something. Something you need to try. It’s called WoogleCal. Don’t know if it works very good, but i can’t try it. You can find it here: http://www.blueace.nl/wooglecal . I hoop you add this feature. It would be great.



    I’ve never heard of Woogle before. But my theme already came with a calendar. Or is Woogle another type of calendar?



    There are two WordPress organizations. The calendar you are indicating is a WordPress plugin that we here at WordPress.com cannot have. It’s for self hosted or web hosted blogs only (WordPress.org.

    However the theme you are using is Regulus and it has it’s own calendar widget. Go into your dashboard click presentation then click sidebar widgets. Find the one that says “calender”. Drag and drop the calendar widget into the sidebar where you want it to be. Immediately “save”. Go to the front of your blog and it will be there.



    That’s greet, but i love to add feature plans instead of what i wrote down.
    And those subject they can import as a standards plug in for wordpress.com. Live would be essayer, but I also understand that they aren’t doing that. You are needing a lot of bandwidth and you get to much control of it (like iframe), but I’ve they are taking it re-write and block sometimes things…

    So not a good idea.
    A pitty

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