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    Hi, I know that to view the word count for a single entry you have to go to the edit page for that entry. But is there a place on the dashboard or somewhere where I can see the word count for my entire blog? I looked around but can’t seem to find anything.



    No, there’s no word count for the whole blog. It’d be a nice feature, though, particularly for anyone uses their blog like a book. There is a plugin for WP.org blogs, so it might be something you could suggest to staff.

    If you really wanted it you could set up a free account with a site like Dot Easy, then use the plugin to count the words. It might be a lot of work just for a word count, though. :)



    i can’t no longer find word count for entries. has it been removed?


    A word count across the entire blog would be a really cool feature. Not really all that useful, but it’s the kind of statistic enquiring minds like me want to know!



    When you’re editing a post, the word count shows up just below the save button.

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