Word count is wrong, very wrong

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    I think there may be a bug with the live word count on the post writing screen.

    If you write any number of words, delete (eg. backspace) one or more words and then write one or more words, the word count is now wrong. As long as you keep writing and deleting words, it will get worse.

    If you “Save and Continue Editing” your post, the word count is corrected.

    Can anyone else confirm this?

    Tested on Firefox 2, IE 7, and Opera 9 on Vista.



    The word count does not appear to catch up and rectify until we click “save and continue editing”. I don’t find this to be unusual or inconvenient. In fact it makes sense to me. :)



    Yep, I’ve noticed the same thing – TT is correct.

    You could imagine that fundamentally until you hit ‘save’, you’re working on your own temporary file on your own computer only. It only goes to WordPress when you do a save.

    Perhaps it’s a bit like MSWord in that regard. There is a recovery file you can access if the draft crashes whilst you’re working, thanks to the AutoSave function.

    But the file statistics are only updated on saving.

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