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    Sorry, I’ve been searching for an hour now and I don’t seem to find the answer. I want one word in my post highlighted as a link to a photo. Preferably a nice small picture without an entire page around it. When I hyperlink the word and use an url to one of my flickr-images, I get a huge white page with a photo on it. Is there another way to do it? I prefer it to look like an image that’s under a thumbnail, with the nice border around it. TIA!



    If you had the image uploaded here you could link the image to a page which would display it in the theme but otherwise I don’t know of a way here. I know nothing of flickr and what they might offer.


    Thanks for your reply. But how do I put my uploaded pictures under a hyperlink? I can only put them *as a picture or thumbnail* in my post, but I want them displayed only after you click on a word in my post. I would have to store them somewhere then, wouldn’t I?

    I don’t know what flickr offers either, I only have an account there to store pictures I want to put in my blog here.

    Thanks for your effort! Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear in my question.


    you can upload images to wordpress without using them in a post.

    click on ‘write’ new post- then upload your image. Then you just close the window without saving the post. Then go to ‘manage’ uploads- and find your image and the link associated with it.

    does that help?


    Thanks ds, this helps a lot! I didin’t know that your uploaded images also have a link, that’s great. Just one more question though: when I link an uploaded picture I still get the image in a blank page, not just the image (without the page around it) or in a nice border. Would that be at all possible, to just have the image, not the image *on a page*?



    you want an image somehow floating by itself like a pop-up? There is no way to do this in wordpress.com. It has to be “on a page”, because that’s how browsers interpret links for the most part. I don’t know all the technical stuff to explain it, sorry.

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