Word Press Chokes On Movable Type import.txt

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    I continue to try to import my MT import.txt file (encoded UTF8), but I keep getting this error:

    Import Movable Type and Typepad

    Sorry, there has been an error.

    Unable to create directory /home/www/cfcure/WP/wp-content/uploads/2006/10. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

    I have checked the permissions of WP, wp-content and they are set at 755. There is no /uploads/ directory, and of course WP is trying to create one.

    Why is it unable to do so?



    These support forums are only for blogs hosted on WordPress.com.



    Matt, I’m reopening this topic so that it’ll be viewable to the poster. When a topic is closed, it disappears.

    4, you need to be over at http://wordpress.org as you’re running different software than we are. The Read me first post at the head of the forums covers this.

    wp-content get set to 777, by the way, not 755.

    Hope this helps,





    Sorry for the trouble.

    PS, I got the import.txt file imported. Well, most of it. The extended body portions of my entries were no where to be found. WordPress was unable to parse the data so all I get is the snippets of each entry, but clicking on the MORE link ends up going nowhere. Gives me a file not found on server. Rats@



    It’s taken it in the past.

    You do need to be at the other site though.

    Good luck,

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