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Word Press --"you do not own that identity" ???

  1. I went onto a blog for the first time today--The Presidential Debate blog.

    I was given a choice of IDs to post with--I had signed into WordPress on another tab, chose Word Press on the blog page and used my WordPress user name which appears now at the top of this page.
    After writing my post, I received this message, which I have copied here--
    You do not own that identity.>>
    My comment of course was wiped. What gives?
    Blog url:

  2. In reference to Blogger the issue is on the other end. Trying to post comments on Blogger blogs is a drag. Open ID fails more often than it works. Blogspot software assumes we all have a single username here at and only a single blog by the exact same matching name. It will not accept any other URL. So if we have a domain or more than one blog registered under the same username trying to comment becomes impossible, unless the blogger chooses to enable commenters to post with a username and URL on their Blogger blog. The only workaround is to register a Blogger blog which will allow you to comment but your username will not be linked to your blog when you do.

  3. Thanks very much, timethief.
    Sounds like a lose-lose situation, but I'm glad to know why.

  4. It sucks and you're welcome.

  5. ; )

  6. Have a great weekend. :)

  7. Thanks, you too, time thief.

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