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Word Wrap

  1. May seem like a dumb question, and I know there is a simple solution to it, but how do you get the text to function as in Notepad when you select "Word Wrap"

  2. do you get the text to function...

    What text, where? Can you please be more specific?

  3. presumably, in the edit post TMCE (aka Visual Editor) textarea...

    text should be word-wrapped by default without any special actions from end-user part.

  4. @options and devblog
    It makes me shiver all over when you geek speak but I really haven't a clue what you are talking about. ;)

    Word wrap or text wrap?
    Could it be that what you mean is that text wrap should be automatically happening when we bloggers are using Tiny MCE (the visual rich text editor)?

    My 2 cents. Does the blogger have a blog or software from

  5. > Word wrap or text wrap?

    from OP: "function as in Notepad when you select 'Word Wrap'".

    > you mean is that text wrap should be automatically happening when we bloggers are using Tiny MCE (the visual rich text editor)?

    I think so. or isn't indeed? (I dont remember how does tMCE look like, it doesn't matter as output to a browser is word-wrapped anyway).

  6. I see... well, the text should wrap in both Code and TMCE mode. It won't wrap if there's a continuous long text, though... but I doubt this member will write something like that, so...

  7. word wrap (′wərd ′rap) 
    (computer science) A procedure whereby a word processor automatically ends each line when it is full and starts the next line with the next <em>word</em>, never breaking a <em>word</em>. Also known as wrap mode. 
    McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms. Copyright © 2003, 1994, 1989, 1984, 1978, 1976, 1974 by McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

    cool, huh? now you can see what's Not word-wrap ;-)

    and, btw what's "text wrap", do you mean secret or concealed text?

  8. I'm wondering if the OP is just talking about wrapping around an image.

    With very long words or URLs the solution is to stick a line break in there.

  9. Notepad doesn't wrap around an image.

    I wouldn't recommend insert a line breaks into URLs, it could break them.

  10. devblog: "It won't wrap if there's a continuous long text, though.."

    Thats what I meant, if anybody was confused, if I'm typing a sentence it just keeps going.

    Using Opera, original software, umm

    is it like a feature that you can turn on and off? Maybe I was using the wrong terminology

  11. So it's not one long word, it's a single sentence? Also: clicking on your name brings me to the home page. Is your blog private? It's easier for us to help if we can see the post in question.

  12. Using Opera, original software, ...

    We provide support here only for blogs hosted by software is different than "original software".

    If you are seeking help with "original softaware" then please go to the correct forum as we cannot help you here.

  13. Ok, embarassing.

    Everything is fine, my method was just doing like ddddddddddddddd to see real quick, my mistake. Sorry for wasting your time guys.

  14. I have a blog hosted on wordpress, is what I meant timetheif, as in

    Thank you for your support and time everyone

  15. @options
    sigh ... word wrap? (giggle)

    Yes, I know you have a private blog here. I just wanted to be sure that your question directly pertained to the blog and not the blog because the software is different.

    Best wishes with regard to your blogging. :)

  16. could you share with us that "continuous long text" which keeps going without being word-wrapped right here?

  17. 'dddddddddddddddd.....', dude, is one long word, how do you think it's supposed to be word-wrapped?

  18. @options:
    The OP gave you the text here:

    my method was just doing like ddddddddddddddd

    The sticky wouldn't have helped. Techjoy stated the blog is at, although it does appear to be private.

    as i'm sure you now realize, text won't wrap without a space in it to serve as a convenient wrapping point. ;)

  19. and, btw what's "text wrap", do you mean secret or concealed text?

    Well, if the member is using a <textarea> then text wrap has the same effect as the definition you posted with the exception that in a word processor, if you type a continuous string of text (with no space) the word processor will wrap it anyway, whereas the text area will create a horizontal scroll bar.

    What do I mean when I say a continuous string of text: something like this:


    Dang! now I did type very slow.... I was replying to options and see all the replies in between...

  20. @devblog
    lol ... No problem we can all read in both order and out of order and still know what's going on ... sort-of, I think. ;)

    {waving to judy}

  21. TT:
    {hey, girl!}

  22. sorry, wrong post.

  23. I know there's no wrap attribute, I just wanted to give you an example of what text wrap was (because of what you asked).... a very bad example, by the way.

  24. no problem, I see.

    we'll have a fun when MS will push its

    it's a PRE, btw

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