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    Another question about pictures in the post:

    Sometimes when I insert a picture into a post, the text wraps around it, but sometimes the text leaves picks up below the picture, leaving a large blank space.

    What is the procedure for getting text to wrap around the picture? I realize that this cannot be done if the picture is centered horizonally in the post but I seak of those cases where the pix are on the left or the right margin.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is lornakismet.wordpress.com.


    Make sure and select the left or right alignment in the insert image window when inserting the image. If “none” is selected, the image will be left aligned, but with no text wrap.



    I have just noticed that if I click the cursor at the point where I want the picture to be inserted, the picture does indeed get inserted there. Is this right or is this just coincidental? Should I always click the spot where I want the picture to go? Till now I have been dragging the picture to where I want it, and often I lose the caption!



    Oh, also: I am figuring now that the procedure is to insert the text first, and then click the cursor to where I want the picture to sit.

    Up till now I have been sometimes inserting the picture first and sometimes inserting the text first because I didn’t realize that there was a preferred procedure.



    No, it is not coincidental. Put the cursor into the text in the post where you want the image to be and then insert the image.


    I too have found that it works nicer if I put in all the text and then go back and insert the images.

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