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WordAd - Domain

  1. I bought my domain after blogging for a while and decided "why not get google adsense" well WordPress does not allow that despite the face that you bought the domain...Anyway do you need to buy your domain to be able to qualify for WordAd ?? Or can you get that with the too ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Buying a domain entitles you to nothing other than the domain. It's just a domain.

    And yes, only blogs with custom domains will be considered for WordAds.

  3. What are the rates for WordAd - Heard its around $1 for every 1000 views ?

  4. Now it's about half that. It fluctuates. I only got WordAds as a trial and in my opinion the ad revenue is effectively nil. It IS useful, however, if you want to reduce the number of ads on your blog without spending $30 for the No Ads upgrade. You can set it to show only one ad, whereas generally puts more ads than that on your blog if you don't buy the No Ads upgrade.

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