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  1. I'm was participating in the WordAds pilot but decided to turn my ads off yesterday and so paused the feature in my settings. However the ads are still running on my blog today. Is this a typical lag time or is there something wrong?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've flagged this thread for Staff attention. Please be patient while wiating for a response.

  3. Sorry for the trouble!

    We have turned off your ads as requested.

  4. I have the no-ads upgrade and have ads appearing on my blog - I have logged a support request, but I suggest anyone with the no-ads upgrade check - the ads are appearing when I am logged in as well!!!

  5. OK - I've just discovered I was accepted to WordAds overnight - so that answers the question of why they are appearing - sorry MacManx!

  6. Hi, I was accepted into the WordAds program recently and was noticing that at the bottom of the ads it says Google Ads. Is this how these ads are supposed to look? Thanks and please forgive my ignorance in this matter.

  7. Yes, we have a variety of ad partners under our WordAds program.

  8. Hello,

    I was accepted to WordAds and have activated them on my site, but I don't see them anywhere - I imagine my current theme (Oxygen) is not compatible? Is this the case? If so, how can I tell if a theme will be compatible before completely re-vamping my site? Ideally, I would be able to show the ads on my current site - is this possible? Thanks!


  9. Here's the current list of WordAds supported themes

  10. What a fast response, thanks so much!!

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