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  1. samedifference1

    Just a quick question. My PayPal email address and blog email address are different so which one will my earnings report come to?

    And has anyone recieved their earnings report yet?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They will come to your Paypal address. Nobody has recieved reports yet because they don't come out till a month after activation.

  3. samedifference1

    Thanks- now I know which address to look in.

    On a thread I started recently called WordAds Earnings, I was told by a Happiness Engineer that earnings are calculated at the end of the calendar month and so I should get an email early this week?

  4. Yes.

  5. samedifference1

    Yes to?

  6. I am still waiting for my earnings email. When will my earnings be sent to my paypal account? I have surpassed the $100 requirement.

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