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WordAds bugs in the Pilcrow Theme

  1. I recently started noticing some WordAds bugs on my blog, I am using the latest Safari browser, but I can see the same bugs with Chrome and some Firefox versions.

    WordAds is now including (for some browsers) an advertisement below my first blog post in addition to the header and sidebar ads. When I viewed this bottom ad for the first time, it looked correct. But when I refreshed the page, the ad was messed up with all the text being smashed to the left.

    Also, when I go to one of my Pages, like, this bottom ad appears above my header ad, but I believe it is supposed to be below my Page content.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    This is a link to the compatible themes for WordAds

  3. Thanks timethief,
    Pilcrow is on the list of compatible themes, but as I mentioned, there are some bugs that are keeping the hover ads from looking correct.

  4. Not to worry as Themes Staff monitor threads in the forum and will help you.

  5. @reganstarr,

    Your site appears to be fine for me. Could you provide the URL where you see the ad below your first blog. Do you see that on the front page -

  6. Yes, the ad is showing below my first blog post on my front page, However, I believe the ad only appears for particular browsers like Safari, Chrome, and some versions of Firefox. Also, you might need to refresh the page once for the ad to start appearing incorrectly, with all the text smashed to the left.

    Now for the other issue. When I go to one of my POSTS, like, the ad shows correctly below my Post content. But when I go to one of my PAGES, like, this same bottom ad is placed incorrectly above my header ad when it should be below my Page content.

  7. Quick update: One of the bugs I reported has been fixed. The ad below the first post on the front page is no longer messed up. However, the other bug I mentioned is still unresolved. The footer ad still appears above the header on all Pages like when viewed using Safari, Chrome, and some Firefox versions.

  8. Hi @reganstarr,

    Sorry about the broken ad. I've pointed out the bug to the ad supplier, and they're working to fix it for subpages.

    Until it's fixed, if you like, you can pause WordAds. You do that in your WordAds control panel.

  9. All of the ads are now appearing correctly. I'll mark this topic as resolved.

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