WordAds Calculations for June

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    I only started running WordAds from July 2nd and in that time I’ve averaged 600 views/day. Today I checked my WordAds section on the dashboard and it gave me a report for June 2012 with earnings of 40 cents. First of all why is it generating a report for June earnings, if i wasn’t even using WordAds then? And secondly, why only 40 cents for 6000 odd views?

    Anybody else see similar things when they started?

    The blog I need help with is thebioscopist.com.




    Our record shows that you ran WordAds at the end of June. You may not have seen the ads because they are not on your home page. The 40 cents for 6000 odd views is not accurate. The ads on not on your home page but just on your article pages. The reason is that your theme doesn’t have a hook for ads on the home page. Some themes weren’t made with ads in mind so there isn’t a good slot for them. We are working on fixing some of these themes. So your options are you can try another theme or wait for us to address this theme, knowing that you are not maximizing your earnings.

    You can reach me by email at support@wordpress.com if you like. Thanks


    Hi Jon, I only applied for WordAds on the 1st of July and was accepted to the programme on the 2nd. The only possibility is that due to a time zone difference (i’m in the UK) I had a few hours of WordAds time, the minute i signed up.

    on the second point, according to my statistics the homepage is only a small fraction of the views i receive. The theme i changed to on the 30th June (i think) allowed me to optimize the potential for people to click on more than one post, hence why my views have increased (even when you discount all the views from my homepage). Additionally 60% – 70% of my views come from the US and 30-40% from Europe, so I should getting the best impressions per view)

    My conclusion out of all of this is that to see the true performance of this programme will happen when I know the earnings for July.


    *sorry just read through that and my grammar looks terrible :-)

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