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    Good Morning,
    I became part of the WordAds program on May 21st and have been eagerly waiting for my earnings to populate or be sent out to me via email. The only reason I am so curious is I would like to see how well the program works and what are the percentages of advertising the bloggers will be receiving. But I have yet to receive an email from WordAds/Wordpress in regards to my earnings. Does the end of the month refer to the time I would have completed my first month or does it mean end of a calendar month? Sorry there isnt much information provided anywhere on the web in regards to WordAds so any information provided through the forum will be helpful.


    The blog I need help with is chiclycute.com.


    It’s great to have this forum. I’ve been asking the same questions and going through the same confusion.

    The month is the calendar month.

    I asked Support and was told there were batches of earnings going out today.



    Thanks, I’ve been wondering the same.



    Hmmm… maybe the payout gets bundled with the next month, since you signed up in the middle of last month? I seem to remember that when I first signed up with WordAds (around February), I remember clicking around on the earnings tab every day because it didn’t reveal my payout until the middle of March, I believe.

    Of course that’s just a theory.

    Now that my site’s been up and running for a while, I’ve been getting my statement sometime in the week after the end of the month.




    Hi ChicklyCute and samedifference1. I emailed you the link to your earnings.



    FYI I just received email on the earnings, so it’s working on my end at least.

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