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    I would like to know, exactly when I can see my wordads earnings?
    I started wordads in september, probably in the first half.
    So when can I see the earnings?

    Best regards.

    The blog I need help with is catingham-palace.com.



    Hi there,

    WordAds earnings are released at the earliest 3 weeks after the end of the month, so September earnings can already be available next week, but it can also take as long as six weeks. This is because we first have to wait for our advertising partners to send us their data, and then we need to process it on this end to make sure we add the correct earnings to every account.

    Let me know if you have any questions about this.


    Oh, ok. 3-6 weeks is pretty vague but it helps to know a somewhat specific timeframe.
    I am new to this so was a bit anxious if I got only zeroes. Thank you very much.



    It’s usually out by the third week, so any time from the 21st, but in some rare cases it can take longer. But your earnings are coming, so you don’t need to worry about that.

    If by the end of the month you still don’t see anything, you’re welcome to reply here again and I can follow up for you.


    Ok, thank you very much.


    So it’s the 25th already, is this one of those rare cases?



    September earnings are still being processed, yes.


    the months about done and over…



    September earnings just came in and this is a disgrace… We had over 47k visits, 12,5k impressions (keep in mind that our traffic came mainly from USA,Canada,Australia and UK, so tier 1 traffic) and we got 2,5$ for that. It’s time to quit wordpress.com for good.


    @ tirthasumeragi Did you receive your WordAds statement?

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