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WordAds Earnings Not Showing

  1. Hi, I just wanted to know why the WordAds earnings page for my site is only displaying August and nothing else! I know I've had more earnings since August so why is it not showing any recent activity there if I've had thousands of views since then? Please help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I checked into your account and can see that you are up-to-date. We have not yet posted September earnings yet as it takes some time for us to get all reports from the advertisers.

    Also, I see that WordAds are running on your article pages but not your home page. That's because your theme does not have hooks for ads on the home page.

  3. thank you for your response! OK, so everything should be showing soon then. Is there a particular date every month that the new data displays on? Also, you mentioned my theme not showing ads on the main page, is this going to be a problem? Because I just changed to this theme and I like its functionality and would hate to have to change it!

    Thank you again!

  4. No problem with not having ads on your home page. It just means less earnings potential as maybe half your page views don't see ads.

    We don't have a typical day of the month to report earnings, but its the final day of the month when we issue payments.

  5. Less earnings? Doesn't the earning go by $1 per every 1000 views?

  6. No. That's a very rough approximation. If you serve a lot of pages that don't have ads on them advertisers are not going to pay you for those pages without ads.

  7. Ok thank you so much for the info! I checked my site and it seems the only pages that don't display ads are the home page and the post page since it has continuous load (dont know what that's called lol) I hope its ok. Thanks again ^^

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