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    I started around the same time, found this post and thought it’d come soon also… still nothing for me either. Do you think because we were on the back half of may, it all rolls over to june?



    no e-mail for me either
    plus wordads simply stopped showing on my site…



    Nothing for me either. Not sure anyone got an email.


    Still no email for me. I was told I would get it last week…



    I have been following this thread since I am on the same timeline as all of you and I have not yet received said email either.



    Still haven’t received an email, and will probably be pulling wordads at the end of the week without one. There’s no point in running ads, if I can’t be sure that I’m actually being credited for them.

    If there is some problem, it feels like we deserve further clarification on what that is, especially considering that these ads are split between the blog owner and wordpress, and it is now 2 weeks past when the email was to be sent.

    To quote the original announcement of wordads ” Google’s AdSense was the state-of-the-art, which was sad. You pour a lot of time and effort into your blog and you deserve better.” Just wondering if the wordpress team feels like they are living up to this.



    Still haven’t got an email either. Been following the threads since the beginning of the month.


    I also have not. Hoping for the best, and like others have said, even though it may be pennies, I still want to know what I have earned.


    Does anyone know ” How to calculate wordpress pay out? “
    Pay for click on ads or traffic amount.

    Once wordprees wordads told me ” Generally, we are paid for impression, not by click. That means the morevisits you get, and the more each visitor uses your site, the more you will earn.

    Our site is daily traffic was at lest 20 thousand visitor. But wordpress calculate earn money us for couple of pennies.



    I received my statement, but no email. I can also ad that the earnings were beyond my expectations.


    But, we are not beyond our expect. Thousand traffic is earn for couple of pennies is ridiculous.


    I’ve got my earnings yesterday at last.



    FreedomNewsGroup – I think we chatted by email. I think you are not reading your report correctly. It is not a couple of pennies. I don’t want to comment here what is the amount.

    For others, everyone should have their reports in their settings>WordAds>Earnings. Please write support@wordpress.com if not.



    It’s a rather funny-looking number. Is it authentic to the penny?



    Still no email…When do our earnings go from “outstanding” to “paid”. Mine still haven’t gone into my Paypal account.



    Please write support@wordpress.com if not.



    @toojilly – our finance department pays by Paypal the last day of the month. That’s when it goes from outstanding to paid. Your May earnings are there in your dashboard.



    They don’t pay until you have $100 in earnings is what my dashboard says. Which is why I’m inquiring about the number.



    Raincoaster I will contact you by email so that we don’t discuss your payment in public.



    I have had the same problem with the earnings not being transferred over and I was very happy with mine !!

    I have sent an email to support and await a reply.

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