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WordAds Earnings

  1. freedomnewsgroup

    But, we are not beyond our expect. Thousand traffic is earn for couple of pennies is ridiculous.

  2. samedifference1

    I've got my earnings yesterday at last.

  3. FreedomNewsGroup - I think we chatted by email. I think you are not reading your report correctly. It is not a couple of pennies. I don't want to comment here what is the amount.

    For others, everyone should have their reports in their settings>WordAds>Earnings. Please write [email redacted] if not.

  4. It's a rather funny-looking number. Is it authentic to the penny?

  5. Still no email...When do our earnings go from "outstanding" to "paid". Mine still haven't gone into my Paypal account.

  6. @toojilly
    Please write [email redacted] if not.

  7. @toojilly - our finance department pays by Paypal the last day of the month. That's when it goes from outstanding to paid. Your May earnings are there in your dashboard.

  8. They don't pay until you have $100 in earnings is what my dashboard says. Which is why I'm inquiring about the number.

  9. Raincoaster I will contact you by email so that we don't discuss your payment in public.

  10. I have had the same problem with the earnings not being transferred over and I was very happy with mine !!

    I have sent an email to support and await a reply.

  11. Ianrobo - I'm not 100% sure I understand but our finance department pays on the last day of the month via Paypal. So you will receive your payment for May in several days.

  12. I have a duplicate report for the same month

    2012-05 $xx.xx
    2012-06 $xx.xx
    2012-06 $xx.xx

    Is that an error of sorts or do payments sometimes come in multiple times per month?

  13. suave9612 - yes sometimes they come in multiples. We will combine them to avoid confusion.

  14. When will July's earnings show?

  15. Aparoo your July earnings are in your dash settings. Some other sites will have their earnings displayed tomorrow.

  16. Thanks Jon, I can see I have zero earnings but the payments have been updated, I expect to see a nice figure tomorrow based on my hits :-)

  17. I still don't see my earnings. will it appear in the next few hours?

  18. I still don't see anything either

  19. I can see July's earnings now, but 1/10 part of June (with simillar number of visitors) Could anyone explain how they are calculated?

  20. I am with pediatrucho, my page views for July were nearly double for that of June and yet $100 less, I was expecting at least $100 more for July than June. Still a good sum but confusing all the same.

  21. Like June will there be a two part tally ?

  22. I sure hope there is a second part. Way less than I calculated

  23. timethief thanks for the link... but I still don`t understang anything... more than 70.000 visits in July, only $14 earned... that's too far from $1/1000 visits.

  24. My earnings figured to be about 15 cents per thousand. I understand there would be some variation, but that seems way off

  25. Please, we'd like any answer. Is there any mistake you already know? Is everything ok?

  26. I contacted support regarding my earnings and was told that my earnings were correct at what they were first posted at.

  27. Pediatrucho and Homeslicedtea, we will audit your reports and will be in touch by email. We don't post in the forum's a specific's site's earnings and page views as that is a violation of our privacy policy.

  28. Ok, thanks!!!

  29. Is everyone's August earnings showing up? Mine are still not visible.

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