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WordAds Earnings

  1. Aparoo - we have not yet posted August earnings.

  2. Please... This must be a joke... July's earnings were amazingly low (nearly 75.000 visits and only $14) but Agust's earnings are an insult!!!! Mote than 100.000 visits and $0,60... What???!!!!!

    This is the amazing wordads you have for our blogs???

    And I am still waiting and answer to my request of reviewing July's earnings, please add August earnings to that review.

  3. pediatrucho your earnings reports are still in process. We can't discuss a site's specific earnings in public per our privacy policy even if you are comfortable with it so I will email you.

  4. When will August's earnings be posted?

  5. ariesgrl23 - this week. Thanks, Jon

  6. Thank you.

  7. We surpassed the $100 mark. How and when will it be deposited into Paypal

  8. evedaniels - Our finance department makes payment the last day of each month.

  9. August ones now posted and again it is disappointing based on the June figure like July was. I am awaiting the report on July.

  10. Well, August earnings wer finally higher, still lower than I thought, but higher than those $0,60. Jonburke explained the reasons, and everything's ok.

  11. I managed to raise my monthly traffic by nearly 70 percent in August, yet my earnings got slightly lower compared to July. But the amount/thousand impressions for this month seems to be inline with other posters.

    Does the value of $/thousand impressions value vary that much per month?

  12. Can anyone explain me how nearly 130 000 pageviews earnings equal to just 3$? is it normal?

  13. busraozakan - the issue is that your theme doesn't support ads on the home page so no ads are running there. I asked our designer to look at your site and its really tough to find a slot to place an ad. Would you be open to a new theme that is ad friendly?

  14. michaelgloversmith

    @jonburke, my total WordAds earnings is now at $105.93. Why isn't this appearing in my PayPal account? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  15. michaelgloversmith Our finance department pays the last week-day of the month. Thanks.

  16. @ michaelgloversmith I had the same problem at it takes time it never went it right away. I also never received an email I had to check my paypal account directly. I hope this helps a little, also this is for everybody.

    This is from Jon Burke

    hope it will help if I can explain what is WordAds and how online advertising works. Online advertising is like a stock market where prices raise and fall for geos and specific sites in real time. We try to control that by signing long-term agreements but much of our advertising is real-time auction-based.

    So WordAds is not the advertiser, we are really a rep firm for you to optimize the different ad partners.

    There are two projects that we are working on that we hope will help. One is to give you the ability to sell ads yourself. The other is to report to you how many ads you serve. We don't serve ads on every page impression so this data will give you a better view.

  17. posting here because it seems like it's the only thread getting attention...


    Why does the earning generated by wordads decrease as time pass?
    In short why does the ads gives each month less?
    June: 0,55cpm
    July: 0,36cpm
    August: 0,25cpm

    I know that maybe the total monthly visits of the site can impact in such cpm which I believe is the basis of your system, or close. However, the visit's variance over that period was only of -13%. Isn't it a bit light for a decrease of over 50% in only 3 month?

    Is there a reason? A special gimmick of the wordads system or simply a lack of ability to meet the promise done?

    I'm not about aiming to make the most money through a blog/site but it simply isn't right to have such differences in a widely used (and imposed) system.

    Thanks for your answer.

    The blog I need help with is

  18. weaper12 - I believe you are basing the CPM above based on your page views in your dash - which does not equal ad impressions served. One of our priorities is to roll out data so that you can see how many ad impressions were served. So for example your page views can count mobile ad impressions that we don't serve ads on.

    As posted above, we are passing on the earnings for each site that we collect from the advertisers which varies. I understand you are seeing your earnings decrease but its possible that it might jump up next month or the month after and the you might understand better that advertisers don't pay a fixed price for every site and every impression.

    We are also always making improvements in our optimization to help. For example you might see video ads on Smart phone views in the US. This pays about 5x what we were seeing. We know that we are enabling a lot of publishers to see steady and often growing earnings but we understand that some like you are not happy with their earnings and will be doing our best to turn that around for you.

  19. jonburke - after waiting a week to be sure my earnings were processed, I can only constate the everfalling earnings for wordads.

    Even if not a big difference, September still had 6 000 more views then August. Second point, I've been seeing those supposed "up to 5 times rates" video ads for several weeks already, if not a month or more. Lastly and despite the increased number of views and the presence of video ads, I had the "pleasure" to see my earnings for September dive by 30%...


  20. Weaper12. It is in my best interest to maximize your earnings. But we cannot pay you more than we collect from advertisers for the ads that run on your site. Online advertising is an open marketplace and we cannot guarantee you that the market will always pay you more or what you expect. We will continue to work hard to manage the marketplace and hope that in the months to come that you will see upside surprises.

  21. I once read on that it's $1 per 1000 impressions.
    In the month of September I had slightly over 260,000 traffic, that would have resulted to earnings just more than $200. In reality the earnings posted is $97. What I am not understanding? Is there another model of calculating earnings?
    I moved to self hosted in October, and if the calculations are correct, it means am not going to be paid this amount because it has not reached payment limit of $100. What do WordAds say about that or the amount is forfeited?

  22. Hi SeeCloud. That's correct that the payment policy is that payments are made once a site has reached $100. It's not correct that WordAds pays $1 per 1000 impressions. No two site's earnings are the same in the marketplace of online advertising. If you have a lot of traffic from Asian countries earnings are much lower than traffic from North America, for example.

  23. Thanks Jon for the impressions being added, makes more sense now and I am running at around 75c per add

  24. lucky you, I have $0,00035 per ad ($0,35 cpm)
    and that with only 40% of the visits counted as ad impressions...

    I believe I'll be leaving once my 3 pro Bundle run out if it stays so lame.

    You pour a lot of time and effort into your blog and you deserve better.

    to see if that evolve in the future but it's pretty much a miss for now...

  25. ps: for now I'm waiting to see how it'll evolves in the next few months

  26. Weaper12. I plan to do a blog post at for this to explain why there are usually fewer page views reported vs. ad impressions, especially if you are running basic ads and just one ad per page. The main reasons be: advertisers don't count bots, we don't serve ads in many mobile views, visitor came to the page and bounced off before they saw an ad, and some themes don't have ads on home pages and then there's fill rate. We default to Google Adsense which has a high ad fill rate but still doesn't have ads for every impression.

    For your site in particular, I have worked on advertising with some of the larger manga sites on the Internet and they tend to not perform well with networks like Adsense. The primary reason is that they tend to be a lot of images and not much context for advertisers to hang on to. So that is why whether you work with WordAds or directly with Adsense your earnings per view in a specific country will likely be much less than say a finance or technology focused site.

  27. jonburke: Thank you for the detailled answer.

  28. Hi Jonburke,

    I am moved my site to self-hosted and my WordAds earnings are 3 dollars adrift of $100. Am I able to redeem because I no longer run WordAds on my site?

  29. I am reposting this question here as staff have been on this post:

    I am receiving requests for advertising and paid promotional opportunities from specific companies I want to support, and I also want to use Java widgets. So I've decided to switch to self-hosted WordPress. It will be a few more months before I'd reach $100 for WordAds. Will I receive the balance earned thus far when I move to self-hosted? I'd like to move ASAP, please answer. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  30. indiapiedaterre - our finance department only pays-out over $100. Advertisers only pay us on accounts over $100 so we need to reach that level to pay. BTW - did you see that your domain is about to expire?

    I understand the java widgets interest. We are thinking of offering self-service ad sales in WordAds. From what we have seen there is not a lot of money there - lots of scammy offers - but we do hear from a lot of sites that want it so we are scoping it out.

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