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WordAds Earnings

  1. I am not finding a direct answer, am sorry to ask again. Do you mean Jonburke that when a person moves to self-hosted when the account earning is less than $100, he loses completely the amount? Please Yes/No

  2. Payment is not made until earnings reach $100. If you move to self-hosted the earnings are still associated with your account but are not paid until you reach $100.

  3. Thank you for the straightforward answer Jonburke.

  4. indiapiedaterre

    Thank you jonburke. Also thanks for the warning about my domain! I hadn't noticed. Will get right on that ...

    So the way I interpret this is, because WordAds are not available on self-hosted (correct?), the earnings remain associated with the account but wouldn't be paid out unless the account returns the same blog or launches another blog on hosted WordPress and runs WordAds. ??

    Being under $100, it's not that big a deal, just wanted to know.

    It would be great if hosted WordPress had a way for us to self-manage ads with specific advertisers, in addition to WordAds. I'm contacted by home decor retailers that are doing a great job of micro-targeting because they would be perfect for people visiting my blog. With my traffic it's not big money, it's mostly about having options available to accept any advertising. It also saves us the trouble of reviewing and selecting from the ad management services, so instead we can focus on our content.

    Another way of leveraging blog traffic that many bloggers in my topic area do is to launch a shop, on etsy or elsewhere. A non-Java widget for etsy would be a welcome option for hosted WordPress. Or I suppose it's possible to hard code a "look alike" text widget.

  5. Yes, that's correct. WordAds is not available today for self-hosted sites. It's challenging to do it because self-hosted sites are free to add any number and manner of ads and widgets. We have found in tests that these have the effect of driving down performance for advertisers.

    Thanks for the feedback on self-service. There are several companies that do this that we could partner with. It's just been a matter of prioritization.

    Thanks for the feedback on the widgets. I will look into it.

  6. michaelgloversmith

    Jon, my earnings are over a hundred dollars. You informed me a few weeks ago that those funds would be available via paypal on the "last Monday" of this month. The last Monday was yesterday and the money still has not appeared. What do I need to do to access the money? Thanks!

  7. michaelgloversmith

    Please disregard my last message. I just realized that next Monday is the last Monday in October.

  8. Michael - Payments are made on the last day of the month. If the last day of the month is a weekend or US holiday, then payment is made on the next day that is not a weekend or holiday.

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