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WordAds, is it back on?

  1. Do WordAds works right now? I can't see it on my blog. I got report for my last month, but i don't see ads now. Can you please visit my blog and tell me is there any WordAds there or maybe my theme doesn't support WordAds. Sorry for my english :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. check please my blog to! The last few days can't see WordAds on...
    The blog I need help with is

  3. I run ad-blockers on my browsers so someone who cottons to seeing ads on blogs will have to check for you.

  4. Same here. It's been happening to me for several days.
    The blog I need help with is

  5. ok. i checked all of your blogs and there are no ads! Is it sam for me?

  6. This thread is flagged for WordAds Staff attention.

  7. @livefudbal No ads on your blog. :(

  8. thanx :) for responding

  9. The ads on my blog also dissapeared
    somethings wrong somewhere :p

  10. Lifeofbun - I responded on another forum and by email.

  11. thebockingfordkid

    I can't even log on to apply for word ads, even though I am already logged in - is this whole thing a poorly run mess I should just forget about? Anyone made any money?

  12. i made 1,4$ or 4500 impressions in October :)
    I think only US visitors can see ads on my site

  13. edithlevyphotography

    Hi, Can someone on WordPress please let us know what's happening with Word Ads. I had raised this on another thread and now that thread has been closed to responses. My Word Ads disappeared over a month ago. I waited patiently. They cam back sporadically (although very poorly configured on the site) and now have disappeared again. What's going on? If you guys are working on it I understand but you need to do a better job of letting the people affected know what to expect.



  14. thebockingfordkid

    'i made 1,4$ or 4500 impressions in October'

    Sorry what amount do you mean by '1,4$'?? One dollar forty five? One thousand and four dollars? What? Thanks

  15. thebockingfordkid - If you can't login to apply for WordAds it is most likely because you are not the site "owner." You may be the admin but the owner needs to apply. You can please contact [email redacted] if that doesn't work.

  16. edithlevyphotography - I wrote you by email as we can't run screen grabs here. If you have tech questions in the future please feel free to write [email redacted].

  17. Hi, WordAds have disappeared from my blog too. After you fixed them, they came back on, but then disappeared when the month turned into December. If someone could please fix this? Thanks.

    Here's the link to my blog:

  18. koopatroopafantasy

    My WordAds was also very faulty throughout November, and despite being good for about a solid week, it has again gone missing as of December 1st. My Blog:

  19. @thebockingfordkid "Sorry what amount do you mean by '1,4$'?? One dollar forty five? One thousand and four dollars? What? Thanks "

    I mean one dollar :) and 40 cents. :)

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