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WordAds not displaying

  1. stupid123456789

    I've tried using three different WordAd themes from the list and nothing shows up. Does it take a few days for the ads to populate? And every time I switch do I reset the clock? If there is something I need to do differently please let me know. The control panel says its up on my site so I am confused. Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for letting us know. We have seen it happen where when a WordAds user switches to a theme that isn't supported by WordAds that it blocks ads. So we will address this for you.

  3. Hi Jon - same thing with me. I was using a theme that supports WordAds then I switched to a premium theme that doesn't. I've switched back to a supported theme but there are no ads showing.

  4. I'm just posting ths refernece link for those who may search and find this thread > WordAds supported themes >

  5. ***headesk***
    this reference

  6. Thanks TimeThief!

    Sarah - I reactivated WordAds on your site. The issue was actually that you have the ValueBundle which includes No Ads, which was in conflict with WordAds.

  7. hi jon my blog is also not showing adds (

  8. Hi Jon, I must have the same issue as Sarah. If we have the ValueBundle, what settings do I need to change in order to deconflict with WordAds?



  9. Thanks EllePolish. I just manually over-rode the conflict. However, there's an issue with your theme, so I asked our designer to address it. You can pause WordAds if you like while he addresses it.

  10. Kerwood91, I over-rode your No Ads policy and ads are running there.

  11. Thank you! Thank you! Such fast service! I moved all the widgets to the left for now. Hopefully the designer can get the ad to center in the home page view. Once it's addressed, I'll move the widgets back to the right.

    Thanks again!

  12. I got accepted into word ads yesterday, and they were showing up last night. But now there's just an empty square where the ad should be under the word ADVERTISEMENT.

    Anyone know what this means?


  13. TheViewFromTheMusic - I see ads on your site. Are you in the US? Can you send a screen grab to [email redacted]?

  14. I'm in the UK! I assume it's just me then that can't see them. Maybe I haven't upgraded flash or something in a while, haha!

    I'll send over the screen grab now!

  15. Hi Jonburke,

    So, what I understand is that premium theme (like Traction which I use) are not supported by wordads. Are they going to be supported ? It's a bit sad that premium themes cannot support ads.

    Thanks !

  16. Weever95. WordAds are live on your article pages, but I am not seeing them on your home page. It's an issue with your theme that we need to address.

    The links above to the themes is for our triple ad unit layout. We need to do additional work with themes so that the triple ads will run.

  17. Oh yeah, they are live :) Did you change anything ? You did, tell me ! ;-)

    Anyway, I will let you address this. Thanks !

  18. Yes I made a change :)

  19. I don't understand : The WordAds ads ran well on my site for more than a month and then, since a couple of days, it seems they don't appear anymore.

    I've just seen the page with the WordAds supported themes and I'm surprised to discover that my premium theme (Magazine by Studiopress) is not on the list ! I don't get it, it worked well before with it.

    What is the solution ?


    PS : I live in France.

  20. - ads are on your article pages but not your home page - It's an issue with your theme that we are working to fix.

  21. OK, thanks.

  22. Jon,
    I know you are getting a lot of repetition on this question, but I'm onboard with WordAds. I'm a value bundle user with a theme that is applicable. Ads aren't displaying, however. Anything you can do to help me?

  23. Melthompson - they are live now. Thanks, Jon

  24. I've removed the No Ads upgrade and have had WordAds activated for a week, but I've yet to see any ads on my blog:

  25. Any chance one of the staff could inform me on my Wordads status? Do I need a different theme for them to work? Do I need to disable no-ad upgrade? Please advise. Here's my website. Thanks! Michele

  26. I seem to be having the same issue with no ads appearing and currently have that bundle pack mentioned. Can you please work your magic and override?

  27. shanegenziuk Ads are live now. Thanks.

  28. maegnus - ads are live there too.

  29. djmichelemyers Did you apply for WordAds at We have a window before we activate. WordAds is not on your site at this point.

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