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WordAds not displaying

  1. Thanks much for responding Jon. Yes I applied there almost two weeks ago and when I applied the page said they'd respond within 2 days.

    Now that same application message says they are getting a high volume of applications and it will take a little while. So perhaps I am still in the window. Any idea how long it will take?

    Is there anything I can do to make my site ready? Do I need to pick a different theme? Thanks again!

  2. Thanks. You don't need to pick a new theme at this time. Thanks for your patience. Feel free to get in touch with me directly at [email redacted].

  3. theviewfromthemusic

    Hello again, yes I'm annoying!

    I've just changed my theme to SunSpot and on my home page kind of thing my Ad comes up and seems to disrupt the flow of the page, is there anyway to move the ad away from there?


  4. Not at all. Yes I see the issue. We see this with four column layouts like this. The issue is that the industry standard ad size is 300x250 and these columns aren't wide enough to fit a 300 pixel size across ad.

    We have asked our advertisers to develop 'elastic ads' that would notice how wide your theme's placement is and grow or shrink to fit. It's not a common practice so it's take a while to get this done.

    So I'd say your options are to live with this and hopefully we can get advertisers to change soon or try yet another one. Jon

  5. Hey Jon,
    I just activated WordAds on my blog but they're not displayed, i checked if they theme supports ads and it should so i have no idea what i'm doing wrong.


  6. hippolythos I am seeing ads. Down below you first post. Which country are you in? You can contact me at [email redacted] if you prefer.

  7. i figured it out retarded as i am i didn't think about the adblock i had on ( only use it on youtube normally since i'm a big fan of supporting the websites i like by viewing their ads)

    thanks for the help Jon sorry to disturb you

  8. Thanks for the help Jon. I'm getting ads now that say Adchoices on the bottom right. Is there any difference between those and WordAds?

  9. shanegenziuk it depends on which country you are looking at your site from. I see click to play video ads in the US. Feel free to write me at [email redacted].

  10. I don't know when the ads quick displaying on my site but I'm no longer seeing them.

  11. I am seeing ads at the bottom of the blog post. Are you not seeing those? By any chance do you have an ads blocker on your machine?

  12. tjsgarden4arizona

    My Wordads have stopped displaying for the past 2 days? I have not changed my theme and any settings... what can I do?

  13. nature789 I am seeing ads. Below the post. I always ask if maybe the user has an ad blocker? If not, can you send a screen grab of where the ad should be to [email redacted]? Thanks, Jon

  14. tjsgarden4arizona

    Thanks Jon, I only see the word advertisement and no add so I will send the screen grab.

  15. I moved to the Origins theme, and the ads don't show up under the first post (or in the sidebar, which would be ideal for me) anymore? My blog is at

  16. Bump...

  17. maxlalanne There are some themes that weren't created with ads in mind. Online ads have size standards so themes need to be built around those sizes. I'm afraid that the theme that you switched to is not one that ads, at least currently, can run on.

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