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Wordads not showing

  1. Word ads seem not to be showing up on my blog.

    Wondering if anybody can help.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am having the same issue. Does it take awhile? (I only activated it yesterday.) Or could it be that there aren't any current ads that "fit" my site?

    My blog is


  3. portaltotheinternets

    Do either of you have a adblocker plugin active on your browser?

  4. Nope. I got accepted about 3days ago. I tired it on many browers cant see any ads

  5. My issue was addressed in another thread. If you've purchased the ValueBundle than the No Ad feature conflicts with WordAds. They manually overrode it for me and it's working now. Thanks!

  6. theviewfromthemusic

    I got accepted into word ads yesterday, and they were showing up last night. But now there's just an empty square where the ad should be under the word ADVERTISEMENT.

    Anyone know what this means?


  7. theviewfromthemusic and - I see ads there, not blanks. Per above, by any chance do you have an ad blocker on?

  8. Hi John, im having the same issue. i cant see wordads in my blog. it stop showing since last week. can you help ?

  9. RedConjurer - I am seeing ads in the US, however, our internetational advertisers have stopped running ads on your site due to content that they deem not 'family friendly' such as this --

  10. tjsgarden4arizona

    I was approved for wordads and they are not showing. I did purchase the value bundle. How do I get an override on the No Ad feature?

  11. tjsgarden4arizona

    pardon me, this is my blog

  12. Nature798 - responded in another forum. They are live now.

  13. tjsgarden4arizona

    what great customer service! WordPress is the best :)

  14. Hi Jon, WordPress is saying that WordAds has been activated on my site but no ads are showing, could you tell me if anything is wrong or just let me know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it.

    My blogs:

  15. thepeopleswardrobe I am seeing ads at the bottom of each post. By any chance do you have an ads blocker?

  16. aspirewellbeing

    Hi Jon,
    I wonder when adwords will appear on my blog It is taking very long.

  17. The ads are live there now.

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