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WordAds payments per impression. Absurd!!

  1. Hi,

    Just look at my reports screenshot below too see how absurd these payments are. They pay $1 per 5000 impressions in October and now $0.38 per 12000 impressions in January.

    What's going on here?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yep, not something we can retire on is it? I don't think Wordads is worth having.

  3. androidworldblog

    EVEN WITH ME..i got 20$ of 100000 impression in December and 19$ for 255000 impressions in January..what absurdness is this..totally unhappy with their method.

  4. My "earnings" were also down this month even though I had more visitors and more ad impressions. It is disappointing and confusing.

  5. The WordAds forum is closed and the contact link is Those who need help with any WordAds issues must use it to contact WordAds Staff directly.

    This thread is tagged for closure as we cannot help you here.

  6. Anyone who enters the WordAds program hoping to make decent money is silly, quite frankly. It's not a businesslike approach to advertising: the more profitable way is to self-host and get connected with ad networks on your own. Even Amazon pays 6%.

  7. Guess my decision to skip the WordAds Pizza money plan was a good decision

  8. I only signed up to see if it was even less profitable than Adsense, and it is. Also, it decreases the number of ads on your blog without the expense of the No Ads upgrade.

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