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    This is a suggestion for a “feature” to be considered for the Wordads program. You could add an entry to the widgets section of any widget ready theme titled “Wordads.” (Assuming the blog has already activated the Wordads service.) This entry would allow the blog owner to drag the item to their sidebar, just like any other widget. This would be very helpful for themes such as Nuntius, with the news page feature turned on. With this theme and setup, currently no ads will appear on the front page. If the “widget” option were available for the sidebar, at least there could be a possibility of an ad showing up on the front page. It could even be restricted so that the ad window would size automatically to fit the sidebar, and only allow one single ad widget to be used. It could even be set up so that the widget would only show up on the front page where there are currently no ads, and not be visible on the other blog pages.

    Just a suggestion…give it a thought. :)

    My blog http://censorshipinamerica.com
    My theme: Nuntius

    Thank you!
    Sean Hamilton

    The blog I need help with is censorshipinamerica.com.



    Thanks Sean. I shared this with our designer. We have discussed something like this. A challenge is that we sign agreements with advertisers specifying placements on a theme and when we make themes WordAds-ready we need to get their approval on it. So if sites were able to on the fly change their ads layout we would be in putting our agreements with advertisers at risk.


    Thanks for the timely response Jon. I understand the issue with specific agreements, as they are legally binding. It was just a thought. Hopefully something can be figured out for themes like Nuntius. Who knows, this might force me into purchasing a premium theme. :-) Thanks again.

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