WordAds – Why are the Terms Of Service so restrictive?

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    I was looking through the TOS for Word Ads and saw this:

    you will refer to Automattic any Third Party Advertisers who are: […] (ii) offering you free products to test or review in connection with your blog; or (iii) offering you compensation (in cash, goods, services, or equivalent) for reviewing products or services on your blog.

    On a blog related to swimming, I can’t accept a pair of goggles for reviewing them? Why does Word Press want to so heavily restrict its users? Meanwhile we’re been asked to not discuss it? This is nothing less than offensive.

    The blog I need help with is loneswimmer.com.


    Their company, their rules.



    That’s allowed? I’m in the program and I thought that was totally out of bounds. Huh, you learn someething new every day.

    They don’t want to make advertising here easy so as to drive all the people who are JUST in it for ad revenue away. They are inferior.



    IMHO they aren’t restictive enough.

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