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WordCamp 2007

  1. Yup.

  2. *sigh* Would have been nice to have at least been told that the fee would have been waved for us.

  3. I don't get the impression that the management is into volunteer recognition via gifting, waiving of fees or compensation in the form of upgrades.

  4. Well we've been getting upgrades for free (or at teh very least specific staff members have been paying for them out of their own pocket.)

  5. I think you, rain and sulz got upgrades from staff but only staff knows for sure.

  6. That's why i made the suggest a few days ago that you should ask since you were talking about the CSS upgrade.

  7. No, I won't be asking.

  8. OK, I'll ask for you. :)

  9. Please don't. Gifts should be given spontaneously -- not asked for.

  10. Well it was a spontaneously feedback. :)

    (Heck, I brownnosed for mine.)

  11. If I could afford the bus fare and had a reasonable expectation of getting across the border, I'd just crash it and gain entry by using either:
    A) my vast internet fame and promise of a link with Technorati juice
    B) the claim that I just needed to ask Mark a question because something terrible had happened and it needed fixing NOW.

    And yes, you should ask for the CSS upgrade because you'll be even MORE useful in the forum once you've played with CSS a little bit. And WordPress has got to know that.

  12. @rain, your last point is a very strong one... even stronger if phrased as: tt should be *given* the CSS upgrade. That would be a win for everyone: tt, the people who come here for support, itself...

  13. @drmike
    There are several posts above that do not relate to the subject of this thread. These posts make me feel very uncomfortable. I would like your to delete them please as they are not about WordCamp 2007.

  14. Well, I don't want my comment deleted. There are no proper nouns in my comment, except Mark and Technorati.

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