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  1. There are some who believe history will regard President George W. Bush as "Churchhillian" and that he will be perceived as a model of resolve and unflinching courage despite having served within a thunderous barrage of withering criticism and disdain.

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! IMO anyone who thinks that way about Bush is bound to be an adherent to blind, deaf and dumb faith and therefore, would prove also to be, susceptible to being slain in the spirit and washed over in the blind white light of stupidity, while waiting in vain to be lifted to the high place.

    Shirley, make no mistake about it, I'm ROTFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off) as only an apostate bible school graduate with a degree can do. I haven't had this much fun in years. So if you don't have a sense of humor and of how absurd many of us, including devout christians, would find your statement to be - now is the time to bail out.

    Namaste and of course I'll have everyone I know put you and the burning Bush at the top of their prayer list. lol

    P.S. I want a barbecue t-shirt with Bush rotating on a pit on it and I'm sure I could sell enough t-shirts like it on my tiny island up here in Canada to pay my airfare to WordPress camp and accomodation in a hotel as well. lol

  3. Timethief, you are indeed feisty. :)

  4. or insufferable, depends on how one looks at tt

    =P *you know i'm just taking the mickey right tt?*

  5. Shirley, feisty doesn't even begin to describe me.I come with warning labels. For clarity check this out [Link edited]

    Insufferable, eh sulz? I understand but do remember that this kind of girl humour will identify you as a bright woman in the blogosphere and there are only two things worse than that (1) revealing that you're also cute and (2) revealing you have an affection for the colour pink. Whew! At least you don't qualify on one count eh? %) lol

  6. OOPS! That Link should be

  7. i'm neither cute nor a pink-lover so this is about the worst i can get i guess...

  8. @sulz
    Nonsense you are cute and more importantly you're smart and kind to others. You've got fashion sense and you're the best dressed girl in your class. In my books this makes you a "class act". (So please - no self desparaging talk, okay? The danger about talking that way is that eventually you actually start to believe it.):)

  9. *whispers* maybe can you not display my blog's inane content in public - wouldn't want to turn off potential link-clickers by my trumpet-blowing and seemingly bimbotic content.

    self-disparaging talk is all the rage in asian countries, except they call it modesty.

  10. *whispers* bimbo? i doubt it;)

  11. Bimbotic? Now I have to go check my Scrabble dictionary. ;>

  12. is that a cross-reference to robotic as in Stepford wives or to inflatable as in ^^ doll?

  13. -timethief: (kewl handle) LOVE your posts; you might get some pleasure out of:
    Current/first page post --especially satisfying...though those who have, perhaps, small member, may enjoy the next one (ROFLMAO HEHEHEHEHE)

    -writenow: You mean "reptilian" --don't you??? Or: Are you serious --or do you drink --heavily? If so: the rest of us hope to live long enough to see historians give Oval Office occupant--since he used "activist judges" to get selected 1st time, ex agents to change "election" machines count 2nd time = wasn't elected--EVERY thing he has coming. It took 230 years to create what he & corporate whores destroyed in SIX years. He and vicious incompetent Rummy: should get on their knees, Beg forgiveness for bringing shame on Americans. You: OK with claims of WMD then shoveling "democracy" onto people who Didn't ask for it; $7.8 TRILLION debt, spying, lying; beatings, kidnapping --on no evidence, torture, murder; packing courts; giving trees -38,000 oil contracts -mineral rights of NATION'S parks to HIS pals??? Whaddya on his list of giveaways?

    -Sulz: Female? Sheesh, shudda guessed! Your reply on "Timestamp" the ONLY person that helped. TY Again.

    -Conference: I'd go, if they have non-flesh BBQ --I find a car to replace the one that caught fire! --figure out how to use all the WP buttons & gizmos by Aug. 4 so I could understand them! LOL Shouldn't T-shirt line be formed BEHIND drmike???


  14. poppy: be patient, drmike's not here yet i think. (haha patient, dr. accidental pun!)

  15. Nah, I can't be there. Oh well. :)

  16. Okay Poppy - so obviously we are kindred spirits when it comes to (1) shooting from the lip, (2) being politically astute and (3) being possessed of an outrageous sense of humour when presented with the absurd.

    Sadly I cannot read the article at the link that you sent me to. There is just not enough contrast for me to discern what the dark blue lettering on the brown background says.

    Unlike many gulf islanders I am not a strict vegetarian and unlike most women in the environmental movement I do shave my armpits and legs (much to their chagrin). Although I'm not a back to the land hairy earth goddess, I have a great appetite and can eat almost anyone under the table. I do not have a weight problem (I'm into high impact aerobics) and I love to party. One of the things I'm best at is laughing and making others smile and laugh too. And when I'm not doing that I love to dance so I confess, I'm a party animal and the whole "camp" thing sounds very appealing to me. The t-shirt was just a consolation prize.

    Now as far as the t-shirt being formed behind drmike I'd say that because he wears a Moderator's hat it doesn't seem likely to me that he will ever become involved in any "assertive" (thanks sulz) demonstration that we "cheeky" bloggers scheme up. I suspect he'd rather *chuckle* on the sidelines.

    Poppy can be a name for either a girl or a guy. Are you keeping which variety you are secret?
    Either way I say keep your girls up ^^ and keep smiling.

  17. no way poppy is a girl.



  18. hmmmm wanna bet?

  19. Poppy, are you the same Poppy that's on my MySpace?

  20. Timethief: 1.

  21. Timethief: 1. Yup! 2. Double Yup 3. Major Yup!

    -"cannot read the article at the link that you sent me to..."
    Don't know where to start, to Thank You for stating that. After stomach stopped 'fish-tailing,' went on Search to figure out what you meant/why. Took most of the night, but worth it because till now, couldn't figure out why some bother to open the blog --then leave immediately. Mystery solved: You: using either Firefox or Opera; Blog: among other things, totally illegable for want of a tiny missing tag. Sheesh. --Which also explains: why traffic plummeted few months ago. Immediately after missing tag restored: 91 people trooped in! --Going up ever since. T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U --Heaps! Works for you now?

    -Re: drmike/T-shirt: sorry, but anyone who answers (boring?) questions --from confused Blogger refugees, With patience/Without snarkiness --deserves 1st T-shirt, lollipops, hug-the-stuffings-out-of --his own bomb-shelter?! Well, Minimum: Gratitude. It's nearly Impossible to even FIND a Blogger tech to Ask a question, nevermind get actual Answer; heck: they don't even give notice for Intended shutdowns! Support here: very kewl; and if not: *SEARCH box works just fine. You all are a pleasure. (Will I ever be able to See right side of this window??? Till then please excuse typos....)


  22. Yes! I can now read it with my firefox browser. Thanks!

  23. Do you have this conference in the US only? Why do you not have it anywhere else in the world? Like Europe, Asia etc. which are also using WordPress or atleast learning about it?

  24. It's probably in the US (and in California) because most of Automattic's staff is here in the US. There was some talk in the mailing lists about doing meetups elsewhere but I don't think anything came about it. Especially in that short amount of time.

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