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    First one to ask I should be first to recieve ; ) lol



    Dang it, talk about bad timing… I’ll be in San Francisco with my family THIS weekend (July 20-23) rather than August. I doubt that I’ll be able to get back again till next year. It may not seem like much to those coming from overseas, but it’s a six hour drive for me in the blazing heat.


    I am not complaining but why is it in cali? I live in the east coast an their is far more people here then the west.



    There’s where most of the staff is I believe.

    Not sure where you’re getting the assumption that we’re mostly east coast folks around here.


    My husband wants to know if Al Gore will be there, since he invented the internet. :)



    hahaha sike ………. does anybody even like Gore ; )



    Just incase you haven’t see it or blogged about it:

    Al Gore’s new movie trailer and Futurama‘s take on it.



    I like Al Gore. He writes his own books I heard too. I tought Tipper was a nutcase when I first heard about her and the PMRC trying to label music. But then I saw this, I think it was a VH1 movie, but a movie about how she and other politicians wives started the PMRC and started music warning labels. At first I thought what a bitch. But then I realized that there’s so much crappy music out there that should get warning labels.



    (1) patriotsfan – Nice try but IMO the majority of wordpress bloggers do not speak English as their first language and probably don’t live in North America, so I don’t know how you can conclude that there are more WP bloggers from the east than the west.

    (2) drmike – I’ve seen both before.

    (3) IMO Al Gore has more knowledge and common sense in his little finger than the war-mongering idiot that is in the White House today.

    IMO only an idiot prefers to listen to burning bushes and pound a book while he deludes, denies and deceives himself and his nation when presented with scientific evidence of human causes of global warming. Hmmmm perhaps it’s actually the ruler of this world that has Bush by the short hairs, eh? Because without doubt human behaviour is one of the contributing causes to climate change and global warming.

    Human behaviour can be changed, provided our world leaders are willing to rise to the challenge, rather relying on the rapture for deliverance. Clearly Bush just hasn’t got what it takes to rise to the call and become a leader worthy of my respect and admiration.


    Timethief- lol I meant that the east coast of North America is greatly more populated then the west cost. : )


    There are some who believe history will regard President George W. Bush as “Churchhillian” and that he will be perceived as a model of resolve and unflinching courage despite having served within a thunderous barrage of withering criticism and disdain.



    Ha! Ha! Ha! IMO anyone who thinks that way about Bush is bound to be an adherent to blind, deaf and dumb faith and therefore, would prove also to be, susceptible to being slain in the spirit and washed over in the blind white light of stupidity, while waiting in vain to be lifted to the high place.

    Shirley, make no mistake about it, I’m ROTFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off) as only an apostate bible school graduate with a degree can do. I haven’t had this much fun in years. So if you don’t have a sense of humor and of how absurd many of us, including devout christians, would find your statement to be – now is the time to bail out.

    Namaste and of course I’ll have everyone I know put you and the burning Bush at the top of their prayer list. lol

    P.S. I want a barbecue t-shirt with Bush rotating on a pit on it and I’m sure I could sell enough t-shirts like it on my tiny island up here in Canada to pay my airfare to WordPress camp and accomodation in a hotel as well. lol


    Timethief, you are indeed feisty. :)



    or insufferable, depends on how one looks at tt

    =P *you know i’m just taking the mickey right tt?*



    Shirley, feisty doesn’t even begin to describe me.I come with warning labels. For clarity check this out [Link edited]

    Insufferable, eh sulz? I understand but do remember that this kind of girl humour will identify you as a bright woman in the blogosphere and there are only two things worse than that (1) revealing that you’re also cute and (2) revealing you have an affection for the colour pink. Whew! At least you don’t qualify on one count eh? %) lol



    OOPS! That Link should be http://coyotes.wordpress.com/about/



    i’m neither cute nor a pink-lover so this is about the worst i can get i guess…



    Nonsense you are cute and more importantly you’re smart and kind to others. You’ve got fashion sense and you’re the best dressed girl in your class. In my books this makes you a “class act”. (So please – no self desparaging talk, okay? The danger about talking that way is that eventually you actually start to believe it.):)



    *whispers* maybe can you not display my blog’s inane content in public – wouldn’t want to turn off potential link-clickers by my trumpet-blowing and seemingly bimbotic content.

    self-disparaging talk is all the rage in asian countries, except they call it modesty.



    *whispers* bimbo? i doubt it;)

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