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  1. There is a domain now called (yes, the "r" is missing). The whois contact information is being blocked by its registry.

    It seems to have a single wildcard DNS entry that points the typo to a web redirection instance that pushes the browser to an ad/link page.

    For instance typing in, redirects you to .

    Go ahead and try some random name like - you get the same effect. folks...can you start the process to strip the owner of


  2. Purpleslog

    Can I suggest you send this through feedback to guarantee that one of the admins sees it?


  3. bloody clever advertising. capitalize on typos.

  4. It's a fairly common trick actually.

    Think of a misspelling microsoft and at one point or another it's been registered as a domain, normally dissing MS and then bought out by MS or a C&D order issued against it.

  5. Insert the standard "I'm not a lawyer" bit...

    Not a whole lot can be done on this. While squatting on actual trademarked names is illegal here in the States and elsewhere, typos really aren't.

    Heck, perfect example. What they went through with the domain.

  6. Ok. I just sent "feedback". I had never seen that option before.

  7. Someone else recently bought Worpdress too.....

    All legal.

    It was legal for a kid called Mike Rowe who wrote code to have a site called too - until the guys at Redmond determined that people would get confused and mistake a one-guy site for a mega-corp (as you would!). They had no legal basis as far as I know to get the site but an xbox did the trick. That is way OT :)

  8. Really? He settled for an xbox? Wow! He was going for so much more than that initially!

  9. He asked for a lot more though. :)

    They did settle out of court though since the tech press pressed the "Big huge corporation suing a little high schooler" side of the case.

    CNN when the case started.

    CNN on the settlement.


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