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Wordpress 2012 theme current web page

  1. I want the current wordpress site as my template ? Can it be done? I really like it and how would I do it ? I tried building it with artisteer but could make it I'm a beginner can I download that theme from somewhere please?

  2. Where is the active link starting with http:// to your blog? Without it how can we know which theme the blog is using and answer your question?

  3. Can someone tell me where I can get the current wordpress site I want to use it as a theme or template I really like it?

  4. YIKES! It's in the title and I completely missed that. I'm sorry. :(

  5. Well i want the theme thanks for your response time thief

  6. Haha all good

  7. Twenty Twelve is available with every new install as it is the default theme for WordPress blogs.

  8. Is that the exact same one as the

  9. No they are not exactly the same because and run on slightly different software. The bottom line is that the version cannot be downloaded. It's only for wpMU (WordPress multiuser) blogging platforms.

  10. If you type in and go to that page ? Look at the theme that wordpress is using right now..that is the one I would like please.

  11. Ok then is there a similar theme that's full screen similar to just that homepage?

  12. It's a custom theme that's not available to anyone.

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