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  1. Why is the rich text button is different, from yesterday. It has button colors changes.

  2. How can we help you when we don't even know what site you're talking about? Always put the URL in the post, starting with http.

  3. We're rolling out a few minor updates, like fancier Visual editor buttons.

  4. Is the "paste from word" thing fixed with the new editor buttons?

  5. Hm, it seems to work fine for me.

    I'm not aware of any "paste from word thing" in particular. What was the problem? (besides the fact that it exists, of course)

  6. :-) It's broke!!1!!

    I have an author friend here that uses the paste from word and it has been leaving empty paragraphs in between paragraphs. For example if they have written several paragraphs in italic, between each one of those it will leave

    <em> </em>

    The interesting thing is, I can paste fine from my copy of Word, but they have this issue, and if they send me the file and I open it and do the paste from Word it does the above, but if I recreate what they have in my copy of Word, it does not (most of the time). They have the "wordpress should correct..." enabled at settings > writing too.

    I've done reveal codes and such and looked through everything and can't figure out what is causing it.

  7. I agree. Some people using Paste from Word have no issues, some have hUGE issues.

  8. Hm, that's rather odd. What version of Word are they using, and what version are you using?

    Also, what browser and they pasting through, and what browser are you pasting through?

  9. The author's browser is Safari (not sure the version) sometimes on XP SP3 and sometimes on W7. On the XP machine, Office 2003 and on the W7 machine Office 2010 (I believe).

    I'm on Mac OS X 10.6.7 using Safari 5.0.5 (happened with 5.0.4 sometimes as well) with Office 2008. Everything fully up to date.

    Everytime the author posts, I have to go in and make sure that the paste from word thing did not leave anything behind to mess things up. Sometimes it leaves font family calls, sometimes it leaves font size calls.

  10. @blin90: To add to what raincoaster said, I would also suggest to always use accurate subject names. A subject called "WordPress" is of no help at all for other people having the same problem and looking for answers

  11. Ouch, I don't have access to either of those Office versions on PC, and of course I'm running Vista on it. I'll see if I can track down someone who can check that out.

    Unfortunately, the Visual editor isn't actually developed by us. We use TinyMCE, so I'm not 100% clear on how it does what it does internally.

    However, I do know that each version of Office manages to re-write the book on proprietary code, so it is hard for them to find a balance that mostly supports the newest versions without breaking the older versions. That's why I usually recommend Windows Live Writer to Word users:

  12. I am talking about the buttons on the page called: Add New Post.

    It is gray, not like the last few days was white.

  13. Yeah, you mean the toolbar buttons there, like Link, Bold, etc?

    If so, that's just a quick aesthetic improvement.

    Or, are you referring to different buttons?

  14. Since we can't see your dashboard, which of the following images are you talking about?

    This is the HTML editor window:

    This is the Visual editor window:

  15. Link, Bold.

    Changed yesterday, or Monday.

  16. blin90, yep those are the ones we changed. Just a subtle aesthetic change, nothing to worry about.

  17. @macmanx, I've tried to get the author to switch over to WLW, but that is a no-go. He informed me that if he has to download one more program he will pop a vein. He is about one more thing from tossing his computers out his office window and going completely back to pen/pencil and paper. His last comment was he would just send everything to me and then I can post it for him. He has yet to respond to my three options on pricing for me to do that.


  18. Well, the paste from Word button won't be able to accommodate all versions of Word perfectly.

    I suppose if he could identify the quirks unique to the version of Word he's using, he could be able to work around them each time, but I'd still say that downloading just one more program would be a much better option. ;)

  19. He's had bad computer karma over the last year so I'll wait till that subsides before I approach that issue again.

  20. Thanks, everyone.

    This topic is solved.

  21. You're welcome!

  22. For anyone who's interested

    Usually has these new features rolled out ahead of the standalone ORG release.

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