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    I didn’t want to change ANYTHING about my account! I want everything back the way it was the first time. I don’t even have a phone at this time. I only have an e-mail account.



    Okay….how was it the first time?


    I,m sorry I didn’t reply back sooner but on my account recovery page, I want to leave the ‘Mobile Phone Country’ box blank and I also wanted to leave the ‘Mobile Phone Number’ box blank like it was at first because I don’t have a phone. The only contact info I got is my email account/address



    From http://wordpress.com/#!/settings/ just delete the phone number. You can’t clear out the country code drop-down, but it won’t affect anything without a number.

    If you do have a phone that can accept text messages, I recommend leaving it there, as it’s another account recovery option (and that’s all we use it for).

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