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  1. Hi, my friend just bought a domain in website tonight 2 days ago
    and now he bought a new hosting in wordpress... How can I import? my domain to wordpress? I created an account here in wordpress but it says it's just a blog... I'm totally lost, help me please!

  2. YOu don't buy hosting at Hosting here is free. Did your friend buy hosting at Godaddy or somewhere else?

    A blog IS a website.

    You have an account, not a blog. If you want a blog go to the Manage My Blogs page and click Add New.

    What, exactly, do you want to import? You don't import a domain, you import contents of the blog. If you want to use an external domain with a site, you buy the domain mapping upgrade, which you will not be able to do until you have a blog.

  3. He bought a domain and Website Ttonight <- I don't know how to link those terms. But I couldn't manage the site as I wanted so he bought WordPress in order to be managed?... man I don't know how to explain this...
    I had a website hosted? managed? by WordPress WooCommerce and It was pretty simple to do my stuff in there... in the current one (WebSite Tonight) I can't so he bought this "Managed WordPress" but I don't know how to mix/fuse/include WordPress and my recently bought domain .... did I explain it better now? hope so ._.
    Help me please

  4. No, I can't help you. Who did he buy hosting from? That's all I need to know.

  5. :( I have no idea what to add but this
    I just want my domain to be managed by wordpress

  6. Okay, STOP.

    You're talking about a Godaddy-hosted blog, so go to Godaddy for help with that or look at the WordPress.ORG forums. These forums are for blogs hosted by WordPress.COM and using a different version of the software. We cannot help y ou here.

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