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"Wordpress 6th birthday" message: time to take legal action against WP?

  1. I have been unable to access my blog site for weeks now, as it takes me to a strange, non optional and pay-for-service "sweepstakes site" where it offers some winnable Mac products. It says "Today is our 6th Birthday" (for weeks now!!!), and transfers me immediately to this URL:
    This is against all normal and legal standards/laws on the Internet. Has anyone heard of this URL and/or this message? Is it related to or There is not a single opt-out function included on the site. I am considering legal action. Please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can access your site here:

    The site you mentioned is using a similar URL to ours: (no D).

    We are taking actions to prevent this.

  3. The reason it was taking you to that site is that you were typing in your URL without the D. Several people have reported it. A lawyer could advise you whether or not this is a Fraud case or actionable in civil court, but the action would be against that other site, not

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