WordPress $99 Upgrade bundle included VideoPress, didn't it?

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    I am not having a good day.

    After slaving over innumerable failed attempts to post a video by converting the code to gigya shortcode, I discover I may have had VideoPress all along. What a dope.

    Here’s the story: I bought the upgrade bundle a couple months ago ($99), not recalling that VideoPress was included. Thrilled at my recent discovery, I go to VideoPress.com, log in, enter my website as instructed, only to be redirected back to the WordPress store with a purchase order for a VideoPress upgrade ($59). I know I have it in the bundle, at least I thought so, now I’m not so certain…Sorry, I must sound pathetic.

    I am hoping (!) this means I won’t have to continue taxing my pea-brain with Panos’ brilliant gigya shortcode workaround for videos!

    Otherwise, I can only hope someone, mercifully, has taken pity on the not-so-bright of us, like myself, and devised a Gigya for Dummies guide or an Idiots Guide to Gigya.

    Bless you for your assistance in advance…

    The blog I need help with is poisonedpets.com.


    This is what it says is included in the bundle:

    Domain Name & Mapping
    10GB Space Upgrade
    No Ads
    Custom Design

    I’ve never messed with it, but from my understanding you do not have to go to videopress to do your videos. You do it all from within your site dashboard. Read through this videopress support document and it explains the video requirements and the procedure for uploading them.

    If you still have problems, or it appears as if you really don’t have the upgrade, contact staff at http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ .



    @thesacredpath: Can you kindly correct me if I’m wrong;
    After having value bundle of wordpres, I will be able to
    – change the domain name of my blog to my choice
    – can add custom free/paid themes to my blog? (as in wordpree.com blog you can’t add your own theme)
    – can add plugins (as in free blog, you can’t add plugins)
    – i will have 10GB space ..

    please let me know which option(s) are not included in value bundle;
    Thanks in advance;
    Stay blessed;


    SP, thanks for the help.

    Yes, I did have it. But, I assumed it worked by allowing/converting videos directly from the internet, not via my computer. So when I read the support docs, I thought that didn’t apply to “my” problem (I didn’t want to upload videos off my computer, I wanted them off the net).

    What I also knew was, that I had no way of downloading them. That is unless I had DownloadHelper (or similar) with Firefox. Now, I am able to download them onto my computer.

    That was the essential step that eluded me. All sorted now…


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