WordPress Admin – I lost my followers and hits over night for no reason.

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    Could someone please help me figure out what has happened to my blog. It now out of the blue, has only 1 follower instead of over 640 and the STATS site says there is only 103 views instead of 1000’s. I did not change anything recently, just woke up and it was changed. I imagine I need a wordpress.com admin to look into what happened? It was for: “www.shiftstorm.wordpress.com” . I did want the url name to return to it’s original url name as “runningfrommyheart.wordpress.com” , but I did not want to lose my followers, hits and access. Please advise asap.
    Blog url: http://shiftstorm.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is shiftstorm.wordpress.com.



    Did you read the sticky post at the head of the forum?
    Publicize Follower Counts not showing, or showing incorrectly

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