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    My domain is ecosceneto.com and it is registered with Bluehost. I bought a custom domain called ‘Made’ which has been successfully installed via Bluehost as well. My issue comes when I try to login from Bluehost, select ‘Admin login’, it brings me back to the standard WordPress login blank page. When I put in my username (which I’ve confirmed via my WordPress dashboard) and password (which I just changed successfully) it says username is incorrect.

    Would my WP login somehow be different for the admin login than it is for my regular WP dashboard login?

    I am beyond frustrated because this has been months ongoing issue with WP logins. I’ve cleared my Safari of all usernames/saved passwords to make sure it wasn’t prepopulating the wrong PW in error. I want to just jump ship to non-WP site but I bought a $50 WordPress theme and am just getting started so don’t want to start again. Help!
    Blog url: http://ecosceneto.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is ecosceneto.wordpress.com.

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