WordPress agreement and staying within it’s boundaries

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    I came across some info on the forum today and I decided that instead of worrying I would just ask. I am a writier and on my blog I talk about writing and the publishing I am going through and a book of mine to soon be released.

    I do not want to take a chance of my site being shut down….I am concerned about ….breaching the agreement with word press. Reason, I talk about my book and give a link to where it can be bought when it comes out. Am I doing anything I shouldn’t on my site.

    Please let me know. I am aware some have asked about Pay Pal and using it which is not the type of thing i plan on doing…I am not taking any orders or anything like that directly through my blog…nor do I want to.

    Please clarify for me the boundaries I need to stay within. Thanks a ton


    The blog I need help with is fatquarter.wordpress.com.



    Your best bet is to contact staff directly with this matter here is the link » http://support.wordpress.com/contact/



    @fatquarter we love seeing authors use WordPress.com to write about their books. You’re welcome to link to a sales page from your blog. (Our policy page mentions “people writing their own original book” as being fine).

    In general: if yours is a real blog with real content and real readers, we don’t mind a little self-promotion and we’ll do our best to contact you first if there is ever a concern.



    Sorry for the slight thread derail, I just remembered that I forgot to say that thing about the image quality and color is fine now (hope you still remember). Wanted to thank you guys (WP) for improving the quality! And also Naoko (hope she’ll read this) for being so patient with me ;)

    Thanks again! Cheers!



    Hi Tellyworth,

    Wheww…!! Thanks for that reply. I just wasn’t sure.Can I say…things on my site like …
    you can buy my book at…..my book is available at….if you would like a personally signed book, use my contact page. …what do you think???? Would any of that be acceptable??? I am retired and live on my pension so I am not looking at …or needing….to live off sales of this little kids book.

    another question for a friend….

    I have a friend who quilts and would like to set up a blog…she quilts for people and makes designs and has published them in books. She would like to be able to make them and her service available to the quilting community. Can she do this with a WordPress blog/site?

    Thanks for the speedy answer. Sally…fatquarter



    Yes, you can do all those things.



    thank you



    Note that I’m not staff, but I have been around four years and I know they’re firmly behind artists and authors using WP.com to promote and sell their creations. Be aware though that ecommerce software won’t work here, not even Paypal carts. Just the donation button.

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