WordPress & Dashboard navigation stopped working

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    In the blink of an eye my wordpress.com navigation stopped working, but only in my dashboards (6 blogs between 2 separate accounts). If I’m in the forum or viewing my site blogs the drop down menus appear when I hover over ‘My Account’, ‘My Dashboards, and so on. However, when I am in my dashboards I get nothing. In addition the the top navigation drop downs not dropping down, the left sidebar navigation modules will open the page when I click the text but it won’t expand or collapse when I click the the arrow/triangle in the upper right corner of the module; actually the arrow/triangle doesn’t even appear anymore.

    I am using the latest and greatest Firefox 3.6.8. It was working fine until it wasn’t. I closed everything down and restarted my computer but the issue remains. It works fine in IE8.

    Could it be that I unknowingly clicked something and am now suffering the consequences of my carelessness?

    Thanx in advance.

    The blog I need help with is aboynamedcaet.wordpress.com.

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