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    Here is my blog:


    and i purchased the domain


    through 123-reg.co.uk with a view to linking to my wordpress.

    On selecting the jmgill.co.uk domain, however, i found both that domain and my original .wordpress domain redirecting to the 123 reg default holding page. This problem has been persistent for a while.

    Although there is a redirect function with 123 reg, selecting the .wordpress site as the redirect site and selecting the .co.uk site as my main domain in wordpress seems to create a loop with a variety of browsers showing either a blank page or a domain loop message.

    I realise that i can choose the .wordpress site as my main site on wordpress and directly redirect to the .wordpress site through 123reg but I’d rather be able to use the wordpress domain control I’ve paid for.

    Many thanks to anyone who can help.

    The blog I need help with is jmgill.co.uk.



    Hi there,

    We have a guide for using a domain you already own with your WordPress.com site here: Map an Existing Domain

    It looks like you already pointed your domain to WordPress.com — when I visit the domain, I see your WordPress.com site: http://jmgill.co.uk/

    If you’d like your domain to appear in the address bar there, instead of the joshgill.wordpress.com address, you can change your site’s primary domain under Store > Domains in your dashboard.

    Please let me know if I can do anything more to help with that. :)

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