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Wordpress and Adsense

  1. I just got approved for adsense, but I'm having trouble putting the ads up. First, I'm not entirely sure where I'm supposed to enter the code. Second, when I tried putting it in the 'edit css' box and previewed it, the ad did not show up and the top of the page informed me I needed to pay for an upgrade to save the changes anyway. I definitely don't want to upgrade until I know what I'm doing. Also, how much does this upgrade cost?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Paid ads are not allowed on blogs except those in the $600 per month VIP program. This was covered in the Terms of Service you agreed to when you signed up.

    The upgrade notice you're referring to is the CSS upgrade; it will allow you to change the CSS of your blog, but it does NOT exempt you from the Terms of Service, and will not allow you to run adsense or any other paid advertising.

    If ads are a dealbreaker for you, I recommend you find a paid host and use software from WordPress.ORG instead of WordPress.COM, so you can still have the WP functionality without the restrictions of our Terms of Service here.

  3. How is different from

  4. The sticky post at the head of the forum sets this out:

    The post linked to on the front page of the support documentation also sets the differences out >

  5. More information is found in the support documentation here >
    Types of blogs allowed and not allowed >
    No blogger initiated advertising >
    See also the TOS section 2 bullet 5 - blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to third party sites

  6. So on I have to download blogging software. What if I get a new computer? Would I have to download again? Would I lose my blog?

  7. There are no upgrades one can purchase in order to escape the TOS and policies stated in the support documentation.

    The only exception is for very high volume blogs in which case the blogger can apply and demonstrate high volume traffic as well as suitable content and are willing to pay for set up and monthly hosting charges may be accepted into the VIP hosting program.

    Bloggers who have high volume traffic blogs can apply for acceptance into the AdControl program but even if accepted they do not pay for hosting; the blogs continue being free hosted by . See here >

  8. All questions about hiring a web host and installing a wordpress.ORG install must be directed here > http://wordpress.ORG See also >

  9. Also to answer your original question about the advertising codes you tried to use not appearing note that the software here strips the codes out.

  10. I've decided to maintain my wordpress blog and also start a new blog that will let me use ads. Thank you so much for help!

  11. For clarity I think what you mean is : "I've decided to maintain my free hosted wordpress.COM blog and also hire a web host start a new wordpress .ORG blog that will let me use ads."

    You are welcome. :)

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