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wordpress and domain names

  1. i have a wordpress blog independent of 1 and 1 and wish to have my 1 and 1 .com name on the wordpress blog. so how do i go about it???
    when i go to the admin panel it wont let me change my DNS settings (whatever they are)
    also if i do manage to get the name change so my blog has my .com name on it what then?? how do i get my .com online??
    help im new to all this and its not as easy as they said it would be

  2. Check out:

    Basically your need to pay WordPress some money for the upgrade and then you can map your Domain to your WordPress blog. Once you've done that you can use either your old url or your new one.

    (and DNS stands for Domain Name System - and is a bit like a telephone directory for the internet - mapping host names e.g. to IP addresses which are the underlying reference numbers that the actual computers use to connect up the internet).

  3. excellent, many thamks for that. the only small issue is when i go to my .com in 1and1 it is not underlined and i dont seem to be able to change the DNS settings

  4. @nakedjigsaw
    Unfortunately your username is not linked to your blog. As staff monitor these threads failing to link your user name to your blog or failing to post a link to the blog means that staff cannot locate it and cannot help you.

    If you have downloaded the software from then you are in the wrong support forum. We run on different software and if this is the case you would then need to post here

  5. I didnt download any software i just got a free blog, bought a domain name with hosting and thought that i could change blog name to the one i bought.
    so recap.
    people type in my and get the blog with my in the url
    i paid the $10 but cant get it to work at all

  6. You just need to wait while the changes propagate to all the DNS servers around the rest of the Internet. This can take a few days.

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