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Wordpress and Dreamweaver?

  1. Hello. I've got a blog and website started up, currently using iWeb. I'm starting to hate iWeb. I'm a graphic design, not much of a web designer, but I have enough knowledge to find that iWeb is pretty limited if you want to do much customization.

    I'm thinking of switching to WordPress for my blog, and using Dreamweaver for the main part of my site. Is this a good plan? I have built a few sites in Dreamweaver and so have some experience. What I really want is a simple solution that will give me flexibility without having to be too much of a web expert.


  2. edit: should have read the FAQ first - I think I should be on instead.

  3. If you have your own webhost, which I assume you do, then you are better off inquiring over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ . This is the wordpress.COM free hosting service, and we cannot do standard websites here, so few here will likely know anything about Dreamweaver.

  4. You beat me to it, yes .ORG is your best bet.

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