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Wordpress and iPad Compatibility

  1. I can create new blogs with pictures from my iMac, but can only post text from my iPad. What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you using the WordPress App for iPad and iPhone? The main dashboard isn't designed to work with touch devices through the tablet and smartphone browsers.
    This is the link for the ios forum >

  3. I have same problem using safari on IPad. Thinks for the heads up.

  4. Thank you timethief. I downloaded the WordPress App for my iPad (and android phone) and it works great.

  5. @claudettecarr & allenfuqua
    You're welcome and best wishes with your blog.

  6. apuddingaday365

    I was having the same issue trying to upload photos from my iPad. Can I just check: do I have to flick between the iPad app and Safari to edit / post and see what has been published? Thanks!

  7. I get into WordPress via Safari (have site set up as bookmark), log in thru the site, create or edit a post in Dashboard, post it, go up to the address window--(name), back out the wp-admin part of the address, hit return and that gets me back to the updated home page. Does anyone have a better solution?

  8. Not everything in the Dashboard is ready for touch interfaces yet, so I recommend using the iPad app if you have to use your iPad to create posts.

  9. Does this mean that you can only edit a post on an iPad if you use but not
    I was really hoping to avoid taking my laptop while traveling and only using my iPad, but now I'm not sure...

  10. You can use the iOS app with any WordPress blog, and

  11. I'm able to type in a title for a post, but not able to type the text in the content area unless I use the HTML tab. Why is that? And it won't allow me to add a photo from the iPad unless it's already in my media library.

  12. WordPress is not a "touch interface" application. As @macmanx says twice in this thread, use the iOS app for wordpress for writing posts from your iPad.

  13. I was using the ios app. I wasn't able to type on the subject, just the title, unless I switched to HTML mode and not able to upload photos from the iPad itself. Is there a way to upload photos from the iPad that are not in the media files? Or to get new photos from the iPad to the media file?

  14. It doesn't sound like you're using the app from

    There's no such thing as switching "to HTML mode" in the app, it already runs in HTML mode.

    To upload a photo, click the icon that looks like an image in the top tool bar of the post-writing window.

    For more help with the app, see

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