WordPress and Reblogger – installing Reblogger

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    I would like to have a WordPress blog and use the Reblog service. I do have my own webspace and domain name, but I share the account (at bluehost.com) with a friend, whom I sent a payment to annually for half the bill. Unfortunately, I only have an FTP sub-account, no access to the main account, and no access to the Bluehost control panel. She had to point my domain for me and all that. And lately she has been extremely busy and unable to spend any time online.

    Will it be possible for me to install WordPress with no control panel nor main FTP account access? If all I need is folder addresses to scripting folders, can someone with a Bluehost account point me to them?

    If that’s not possible, can Reblog be installed on a WordPress.com hosted blog?

    Thanks for your help!



    Never mind, thank you, I was able to get wordpress installed for me.

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