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WordPress announcements: where are they?

  1. Where did the WordPress announcement about daylight savings time, that was on my dashboard, go?

    Because of the layout I can't see the whole page with IE, but when I switched browsers, the DST announcement was gone and the novel writing announcement was in its place. I should have asked before because I missed the poll announcement too. TIA

  2. Thank you for the link but I'm still confused.

    My timezone setting just says, "UTC. UTC time is 2008-11-02 14:02:55."

    And the dropdown says, "UTC -1, UTC -2, etc."

    So if I set it for UTC -1 will it be correct?

  3. P.S. I'm in the Eastern time zone.

  4. If your eastern time zone then you need to set it
    to UTC -5

  5. Thank you, teck07.

  6. your welcome! buyathread, :)

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