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Wordpress Annual Reports

  1. massieblocklove

    I can view an annual report for one blog I have but not another. I've tried changing the URL so that my other blog is the one trying to be viewed but it says it doesn't exist. How do I view it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Reports were sent for some but not all blogs. Changing the URL will not help unless your report went to your spam filter and you missed the email.

  3. I wanted a summary like this too... please... :)

  4. Reports are only generated for blogs with more than a certain number of posts. I've no idea what that number is though, but it is less that 30,000 and more than 5,000

  5. @tandava
    That's not true. I've two blogs and I received annual reports of both of them.

  6. Any one who did not received the mail should try this to see if they are there or not.

  7. @iphonist1
    I am just going by my blogs. One with just over 5,000 visitors in the year did not get a report, whereas one with over 30,000 did. What is the lowest number of visitors for your blog that did get a report?

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