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  1. habituatedbuddhist

    Ok, just started using the wordpress app on my kindle fire. So cool! I'm actually trying ((and appear able) to completely do my blog on the fire. Yeah! I'm attempting to move to a completely tablet based system. Only laptop left is at work, and I barely use it except to print.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I use the WP app on my iPad 2 (4-3-3) and I used to think it was marvellous but, since updating it's crashed so many times it's ridiculous. And the forum for IOS takes ages to answer queries. Just saying so you'll know for future reference.
    But good luck with your blogging. :)

  3. @habituatedbuddhist
    It's so good to see you blogging again. :) Here's the link for the ios forum
    Note that the main dashboard isn't designed to work with touch devices through the tablet and smartphone browsers. It will take some time before that compatibility is availabe.

  4. habituatedbuddhist

    Thanks. I'm android not IOS but I'm sure I can find a forum for that.

    Although its not designed for touch devices, I'm finding surprising easy to use. Plus, can switch to web mode when necessary.

  5. OOPS! That was stupid of me.

  6. @habituatedbuddhist Long time, no see. How are you?

    I just downloaded the app on my Nook Color and I love it. Maybe now I'll actually blog once in a while.

  7. habituatedbuddhist

    @momfog Good to see you as well.

    Yeah, hoping the app will allow me to post again. Of course, w/ one post up since returning I'm already neurotic about not getting hits,.... this really is a silly a tivity.

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