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    I’m unable to login to my WordPress site from the App. I’m 100% certain I’m using the correct email and password as it’s saved on my Chrome passwords and I am using the exact same. Please help :)

    The blog I need help with is brandonsmarket557168317.wordpress.com.


    Hi –

    Are you working on iOS or Android? Which version of the app do you have installed?

    My first suggestion is to just remove the app and try again. Also, let me know if you can sign in with a mobile browser.


    It’s the Application for Windows, sorry.
    It’s wordpress-com-win32-setup-3-7-0.exe

    I am signed in through my browser as well as my phone with the same information I’m using.



    Thanks @brandonruddock, can you also confirm which site you are trying to log into, too?

    If it’s a self-hosted installation, are you logging in with Jetpack or with your username and password for that site?

    Also, what error do you get with login?

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