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Wordpress app: can't load stats from multiple accounts anymore ...

  1. southburnabychurch

    Hi - I manage 3 blogs on southburnabychurch, daomingsheny, and riverwindfire. The old iPhone WP app was OK. The new app upgrade for iPhone is slick and clean, I like it ... but something's changed: I can no longer access Stats or the Dashboard for two of the 3 blogs.

    Each time I try to access stats for either of the other blogs, I'm given a notice that I'm not a member of the site, that I can't access it without logging in separately. When I log in to one of the other accounts, I can't access the stats in the remaining two accounts.

    This is a change from the old app, where I could freely check stats on all 3 without having to log out/log in to the other accounts. It appears that the new app upgrade doesn't store my login information, or doesn't apply it.

    Is there something I've missed here? Is there a way to configure the iPhone app so that I can log into Stats for each one seamlessly, as before?

    Checking Stats for my blogs is my #1 use for the iPhone WP app. If I'm going to do editing, I'll go to the computer.

    I do not have this problem with the WordPress App running on my Blackberry Playbook. It still allows me to access stats on each blog individually, without having to log out and back in to the other accounts.

    Thanks, cheers ...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey there,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the WordPress iOS application. Can you please try removing the application and reinstalling it from scratch?


  3. southburnabychurch

    OK, cleared the upgraded version and re-installed from scratch, as you suggested.

    The opening screens re "Add blog" were confusing, but I kinda intuited my way through it and "added" all 3 blogs, and now the new version of the app is functioning normally.

    However ... adding multiple blogs is a slightly arcane procedure involving extra steps, and not easy to figure out. You might want to add a screen with specific instructions about how to do this. I'm not even sure I could do it again ;-) I think I had to sign in, "add the blog" by entering the blogname and selecting it until the check mark came on, sign out, sign in the next blog, "add the blog" by entering the blogname & selecting it etc., sign out, sign in, "add the blog," etc. and sign out.

    In the previous iteration of the app, something was missing, and I was having to sign in and sign out of each blog each time I wanted to do anything re stats. This has manifestly been fixed ;-)

    Other than that, the new app is clean and works for me. Thanks.

  4. Glad to hear it's sorted now!

    I'll be sure to relay your messages with regard to the login procedure so we can get it simplified or documented.

    Happy blogging!

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